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Our Nursery Aims and Objectives
  • To adhere to all safety and hygiene procedures and requirements in line with current Covid 19 guidelines.
  • To respect the rights of all of our children and families in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child (UNCRC).
  • To provide a safe and secure play and learning environment to develop positive relationships, foster potential and increase independence, self esteem and confidence in preperation for life.
  • To respect each child as an individual and consider their rights.
  • To offer responsive care to all children.
  • To develop positive relationships, foster potential and increase independence, self-esteem and confidence in preparation for life.
  • To provide a wide range of learning activities and experiences within a mixed age setting based on the early level stage of Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to Three.
  • To encourage independence and freedom of choice.
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging environment specific to each child's need and stage of development which encourages the child to explore, discover, question and problem solve, ensuring they reach their individual potential.
  • To encourage children to evaluate their own learning which will assist them to move forward.
  • To actively engage children in planning and next steps in learning to give them ownership and motiviation to move forward.
  • To continually assess and record childrens learning and development through observation, leading to the development of next steps in learning based on child, staff and parental input.
  • To allow children to develop freedom of expression by promoting their creativity and imagination.
  • To create awareness and encourage appreciation of our local environment
  • To provide qualified, effective, committed and supportive staff who are all PVG checked and fully disclosed.
  • To provide opportunities for continued professional development, supervision and appraisal ensuring staff are knowledgeable, informed and constantly self evaluating with a view to developing skills and therefore experiences for the children.
  • To engage with external agencies and our local education authority as the need arises, complying with current legislation eg GIRFEC, where appropriate.
  • To engage in continuous self evaluation of our service as a whole and make improvements accordingly, involving staff, children, parents and the local community as appropriate.
  • To engage and consult with parents at every opportunity regarding their childs early years experience.
  • To foster links with our intake schools and local community.
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